Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Off to the Marlborough Sounds

Hi all. We're headed to work this morning, and later we'll be hopping on a 3-hour ferry across the Cook Strait, one of the most dangerous stretches of water anywhere, for a four-day weekend in the Marlborough Sounds. Can't you just hear the Gilligan's Island theme song? This is on the northern tip of the South Island, where we'll be hiking and staying in backpacker lodges along the Queen Charlotte Track, and possibly working to improve our videography skills. We're pretty excited. We'll fill you in when we're back Monday night. Until then, we'll be away from our phone and e-mail most of the time. 

Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday to our brother/brother-in-law Jeromy. Whenever Jake and I are doing something awesome, one of us always pulls out Jeromy's favorite line... "When are we going to start having fun??"

Here he is with his lovely wife Shelly. Have a great weekend guys! 

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Corey said...

Since you're not with Jeromy you're probably going to start having fun immediately.