Thursday, January 22, 2009

9 reasons it's obvious we're not in Kansas any more

1. First and most fabulous, it's summer here. 

2. Second, people actually walk and ride their bikes to get around. When I've taken Jake to work, we've seen hoards of commuters walking, riding and running on the sidewalks to get to work. A lot of guys wear shirts and ties on bikes, and women wear sneakers to walk in their business suits... surely they switch into nicer shoes when they arrive. 

3. Parking tickets are only $12 (about $7 USD) and not the ridiculous $45 we're used to seeing in KC. Got my first one yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. 

4. I've never seen so much chutney. Will someone please tell me what it is and what I do with it?

5. Jake's been working 40-hour weeks. It's amazing. I don't know when that's ever happened before.

6. You know that irritating high-pitched beeping sound you hear when a big truck is backing up? Our car does that. Every car does that here. 

7. You're not allowed to order just coffee. Everything is espresso based, such as latte, mocha, etc. The closest thing we've found is an Americano, which seems to be just some watered down espresso. But Jake still gets a strange look when he turns down the milk and sugar. 

8. There are very few mosquitoes or other insects here. Must be too windy for them.

9. I have no idea how college football ended, or who's going to the Superbowl (maybe that's already happened...?), but I know rugby's big "sevens" tournament is coming to town soon. And apparently the tradition involves everyone dressing up in costumes and looking like fools. Now I know Jake and I will fit right in! Check out more funny costume pics from last year's tournament.



Corey said...

Chutney is kind of like salsa, from what I understand. It's used as a condiment.

Corey said...

College football ended great. The Kansas State Wildcats were declared by the populous consensus to be "America's Team' and therefore declared infallible and yearly champions.

Lawrence was once again sacked and burned by border ruffians from Columbia and KU was ordered to become a two-year juco. They now offer degrees similar to that of Bob Jones University and Cloud County College. Strangely enough, the students don't seem to mind. Seems that is the type of non-accredited education they were receiving already beforehand. Weird.

Also, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl...and no, that's no joke.

Mom Deed said...

Your "9 reasons" tutorial was so interesting. Isn't it weird how different things can be in a faraway place? But that's the magic of it all, isn't it? And best of all, the traditional dressing up crazy for the rugby tournament sounds good. Want me to dig in storage for your past Halloween costumes? You guys will have such fun!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so you don't know who is in the super bowl, but being this close to Australia you must be getting much better info on the Australian Open than I am.....I have to wake from midnight to 0700 to see the tournament live....or not go to work and see it the matches in replay....Jamie I can't believe you aren't spending your day in front of a tv with a glass of wine (or beer) watching tennis. Aunt D

Jake said...

Aunt D - please don't encourage this kind of behavior! My lady of leisure is busy enough on the computer all day looking for need to have the distraction of a tv.