Monday, January 19, 2009

We met an American

I was so focused on cramming in all the photos and info in the last entry that I left out some other updates. One of which is about meeting a KPMGer from Atlanta who is doing the same two-year gig here in Wellington and who just arrived last week. His name is Brett Barrett, and we had the opportunity to visit with him, grab some local food and swap stories on Friday. I have to admit I'm not the best/fastest at deciphering the Kiwi accent, so it was so easy and relaxing to converse with a guy who really speaks our language. Brett's blogging about his adventures too -- you can check it out at He's actually staying in the very same apartment we were in, so it might look familiar, and after reading some of his blog, looks like he's as preoccupied with NZ beverages as we are.


Katherine said...

Great house! I'm still looking for a sheep siting. At least you've seen seals. I had some wildlife waiting for me in the office when we got back from New Year's. A little brown mouse running around my feet while I was on the phone. We got him, though... live on a sticky trap...Love the blog and miss you (and your help with the workload!).

Corey said...

I went and gave Brett a word of advice on dealing with the shenanigans of the Swearingen's during his tenure in NZ. No thanks was all I could do not to mention Jake's soccer leg scar. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie and Jake, really enjoying your blog and hearing about your adventure. So great that you are taking everything in that you can. Keep sharing it is great.

Aunt D

Brett said...

Jamie and Jake, I know we have many good Kiwi times ahead and thank you for publishing my link too. I look forward to that BBQ at your place, so let me know when I can bring some steaks and NZ wine. See you soon!