Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back…perhaps by popular demand???

Jake here. It was so nice to get all of the positive feedback with my last posting that I figured that I should give this blogging thing a second shot. This time, I hope to post a few pictures to keep everybody more visually stimulated.

Overall, I am getting more and more excited about New Zealand everyday. The job is starting out well and it is clear I will be working with a good group of folks and learning a lot of new things. There is so much to do around here with little travel. I am getting to the point that I can communicate with nearly everybody, regardless of how different their version of English is from what I am accustomed to.

This weekend and last were a lot of fun and we have been consistently amazed by the natural beauty of the area. We can’t wait to see more and we know that the best is yet to come. Not my best from the car photo, but here is our first glimpses of the south island near sunset…we can’t wait to see it up close.

I am feeling much better behind the wheel of our little car and have realized that Wellington is a very compact city. Nothing is far away and everything is challenging to locate (the first time, at least). One challenge has been giving up the keys to my dear wife.

Driving w/ Mrs. Jamie…although I have never been 100% relaxed when Jamie is driving in the States, I have had a more difficult time so far finding peace in the passenger seat here. Please note the fear in my eyes:

In our new world, fear quickly transforms into very detailed driving suggestions/comments, robust directions and instructions, and, at times, a few pleas for mercy. I am quickly realizing (because Jamie told me) that this reaction is not at all helpful, so I have been working with another plan that involves a human blindfold.

Jamie seems happy with the change and I am getting the hang of it too. It sure beats ridding in the boot / trunk!



Heather Quade said...

Jake, you're pretty funny. I am glad you guys are becoming accustomed to the area. It seems to be such a beautiful place. I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Jaime, You do a fabulous job. Truly enjoying the photos and quirky posts!

Mom Deed said...

Jake, I must say, you are working out well on the blogging--that entry was just hysterical! The pictures are great, you two look like you're getting along as always. You guys are so cute. My best to you and Mrs Jamie! Love, Mom Deed

jamie said...

Now wait just a minute! I'll have you know I'm a safe and careful driver. I've never once gotten a ticket, been in a wreck or done anything dangerous ... while he was in the car. ;)

Heather -- I love how you say Jake is a little funny while I do a FABULOUS job. Thank you for proving the point I've been trying to make to him all this time. Ha! It's good to hear from you!

Mom -- Glad you like the pics. We're not always so cute, because we do argue once in a while like all couples do. We just make sure not to take the pictures then.

Mom Deed said...

Jamie: I always thought you were a good driver--Jake is just having fun. But yes, you guys are cute and fun to read about. I look forward to all your blogs & pics!

Corey said...

I know that I've always been terrified even when Jamie was doing the majority of the rowing while on our canoe trips, more or less riding in a swip-swapped car and side-of-the-road country with her.

Jake, I feel your pain. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read the blogs from both of you. Jacob, I guess if you have had the boot and been placed in the boot, then you are learning to be at peace in the passenger seat. Seems to me that Jamie has done a lot of the driving when traveling with you to and from KC!?!?! You are both good drivers, just watch out over there while on the wrong side of those roads.

The pictures of the country are fabulous! But I like the one of the human blind fold, so funny Jacob. Had your Mom laughing while sitting at the computer...then Dad had to come see what had me in stitches.

Talking about driving cars, Jacob. I took your Audi out for a spin the other day. Only killed it twice! (Been a long time since I have driven a stick shift!) Not to worry, the Audi is fine, Dad was not doing the best after the little drive to Rose Hill. Just shock his head a lot.

Love you guys, Mom Swearingen