Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best e-mail of the week

Well folks, it's time I put down the champagne and picked up the want ads. I sent out my first New Zealand resume the other day, and within 15 minutes, I received my first New Zealand rejection. But it wasn't for nothing. The recruiter (who called me and told me I was under-qualified for the position) invited me out to coffee and gave me some insight about the job market here and several contacts I should get in touch with. Already this morning I've sent out a few resumes for jobs that sound really interesting. I'd love to find something in marketing communication as an editor, project manager, web content manager or something along those lines. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

The best e-mail of the week came from my good friend Angela from Rockhurst:

"Jamie, I have to say your blog is great and I envy every thing that you have done so far. But what is this about having to find a job? I thought you were taking a work hiatus? Can't you fake a pregnancy or something to keep yourself at home?"

Well now that it's so public, I think Jake would be a little suspicious if I tried it. But I like the way you think.


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dave said...

I think you're doing fantastic, "looking for a Job". And I'm sure "coffee" with the "recruiter" was productive as well.

Keep doing what you're doing. You're going to have a fantastic 2 years. In the mean time you can think of creative things to put on your resumé for when you're back in the states.