Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home "Sweet As" Home

We just landed an AWESOME house! You've listened to our grumbling about our house-hunting adventures through our whole time here, and it's about to pay off. Jake and I have driven to the highest mountain tops and walked through countless houses, and today we found the place we're going to call home. The coolest part is that it's the best place we've seen by a long shot. It's perched up on the side of a large hill with wood floors, beautiful hourbor views, two little decks, and three bedrooms so we'll have plenty of room when all of you come visit! No photos yet, but we're going to start moving our stuff (all nine bags -- shouldn't take long) over tomorrow morning. 

This is such a relief and definitely a reason to celebrate! All the coordination so far has been a bit overwhelming, but this was the big one. We're so happy to have a place, and better yet, one we're going to love. 



Corey said...

No hot tub??? Well, you can cancel my visit then!!!!!

Dr. Gjoni said...

Hi Jamie & Jake: I saw the pictures of your new home and you guys look great. New Zealand looks beautiful. Matter of fact, Jimmy Carter said that if he ever left the U.S., he would want to live in NZ. Wishing you the best in 2009.

Mom Deed said...

Happy to hear the search for a house is at an end. Soon as you guys carry in the ninth bag, you'll be ensconced in your new home. I'm sure it's a relief. Can't wait to see the pictures. How cool to look out your window onto a harbour!

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