Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good morning, Mr. President

Good morning from New Zealand, where Jake and I woke up and stumbled over to our neighbors' house to watch the inauguration at 6 a.m. today (it's Wednesday here). It was so very nice of them to invite us over because we don't have a TV yet. Since we don't have Internet either, we both feel a bit out of the loop and haven't read much news lately at all, so we barely knew it was inauguration time. Sounds like it was pretty big news here, judging by the size of Obama's head on the front page of today's paper. My goodness, that's quite a close-up.

Today's paper also has a job market section that I'll be carefully perusing after my morning nap and then afternoon wine on the deck. It's a rough lifestyle I'm living. :) Really, it hasn't been quite as liesurely as it sounds, but it still feels quite luxurious to not be under enormous pressure to get a job ASAP. I'm definitely looking forward to the opportunity to get some international experience, so we'll see how it goes.

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Mom Deed said...

Really glad you guys saw the big event for the Obama-Biden team. Pretty awesome. But soon the honeymoon will be over for Obama and he has to try to dial up some answers to some very big problems. I don't envy him his job, but I do think he's an honest man and I think he'll do well. Yes, Jamie, "wine on the deck" sounds rough, but somebody has to do it! I'm sure you'll find something to do for work and I'm glad you can take your time somewhat. Miss you guys--