Monday, January 5, 2009

Jake's only post so far

I am being held at gun point by my wife and was instructed to contribute to our blog. This is Jake. I'm in New Zealand listening to the "land down under" song. Just a coincidence...I'm not a fan of the tune. You may note that I have not added any pictures...there is a reason for that. I don't know how to add pictures (as that is little too advanced for me).

We are going to sign a lease today on a three bedroom house in Kingston (suburb of Welly). It is probably bigger than we need; however, when I'm bad this will give me some room to run away from Jamie. Just kidding. I'm sure pictures of the house will be forthcoming soon, so stay tuned. There is hot tub room, too. The tub might prove handy this next winter.


Anonymous said...


It is always good to have a doggie house for your husband. Makes for good communication! Good job Jacob on your recent post to the blog. You can do it honey...and I'm sure you can be taught to take the pictures and then SEND!

We will be patient on receiving pictures of you new home, it will take time to get the move going on then to open up all that luggage and get moved in. Plus what you have to purchase to complete the mobility of your new life there. Hang in there darlin's it will come.

Jacob, have you been to your work place yet?

Love you,
Mom Swearingen

Corey said...

I move to make Jake contribute weekly to the blog. All in favor?

jamie said...

Obviously you can count me in, Corey.

Mom Deed said...

I second Cory's motion to hear from Jake on the blog, good idea. Interesting little piece you contributed, Jake, and it's nice to hear from you too. Looks like Jamie already seconded the motion, so I guess it's a done deal. We look forward to hearing from you both. Glad you guys are getting used to your new home, must be so exciting. Miss you both a lot!

Nick said...

Hot Tub, Will it make Jake sweat.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be some type of a reward/punishment for Jake if he does or does not contribute. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...


I said I would be patient...BUTTTT

I will wait to see the pictures of your new home...bought a bed? Dresser? Oh MY what else can you need?

You know, Jacob, we all love hearing from Jamie that keeps us updated, but surely it will not be too hard for you to hang in there and do the same. A little tidbit here and now will be great.

Actually, I cannot wait to hear you thoughts and visions of how different it is to be in New Zealand, in comparission to KC when you actually arrive to work. Plus this extended vacation before going to work. different is this for you my son?

Loving you both,
Welcome to your new home.
Mom Swearingen

Oh, I still need to teach Dad how to do this. It will come!

Anonymous said...

'Land Down Under' is an AUSTRALIAN song!!